The Global Epidemic of Online Hate

By Sue Scheff

with Melissa Schorr

Sourcebooks Fall 2017

  • Preventing Digital Disasters
  • Overcoming Cyber-Humiliation
  • Defending Your Online Reputation
  • Reclaiming Civilitypixabayteenstresscell




“I never thought that one tweet would ruin my life”


-Social activist, Suey Park


In today’s digitally-driven world, countless people are being electronically embarrassed each day, whether it’s from trolling, cyber-slamming, digital drama, revenge porn, sexting, doxing, hacking or other malicious virtual take-downs. This culture of destroying people with the simple stroke of a keyboard is much more than a fadit’s the new normal. We have all sat back and watched the escalation of these vicious virtual pile-ons: celebrities and schoolgirls being slammed for their looks, an avalanche of ill will over one ill-conceived Tweet, people losing jobs, scholarships, and their reputations for voicing an unpopular thought. How have we reached this state of Shame Nation, where our collective outrage is constantly being triggered against an endless supply of fresh victims? And is there anything we can do to stop it, before it devastates us or someone we love?

SHAME NATION will survey the wreckage of the most shocking digital debacles, revealing how truly pervasive this phenomenon has become, and advising what we as concerned citizens need to do about it. This book will tap into a nerve in popular culture about our fascination and fear of digital shaming, sprinkling actual social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to illustrate how unbelievably mean things have actually become. From moms who mock photos of ugly babies to fat-shaming photos that become internet memes, nothing seems out of bounds.

SHAME NATION will be the first book on the market to offer expert advice to help readers avoid becoming victims themselves. The book will also provide practical solutions on how to handle a cyber-disaster, should one occur, as well as guide individuals how to recover from the emotional aftermath of a digital shaming. There is life after being sentenced to death by today’s legal—yet, lethal—weapon: the keyboard! Finally, SHAME NATION will detail what we can do in our families and communities to promote a healthier, safer digital environment for all. (Learn more).

Coming soon–Sourcebooks Fall 2017.


Sue Scheff

Sue Scheff is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, parent advocate and internet safety expert. She’s been featured on many national media outlets and publications. In her second book, GOOGLE BOMB, she details her own experiences of being digitally shamed, before she fought back and won a lawsuit for internet defamation and reinvented herself as an expert in the field of internet safety. SHAME NATION is her third book.

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Melissa Schorr is a widely published journalist, author of the YA novels Identity Crisis (Merit Press, 2016) and Goy Crazy (Hyperion, 2006), and a contributor to the anthology Dear Bully (Harper Teen 2011). Currently a contributing editor at the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Schorr has served as a stringer for People Magazine, a columnist for The Las Vegas Sun, a staff features reporter for the Oakland Tribune, and a health writer for

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Melissa Schorr


Michele Borba

“No one can share how to overcome digital shaming better than Sue Scheff. Her story riveted the world and changed the way we use the Internet. Scheff has become a leader in the field of digital wisdom and her sage advice and realistic tips for online reputation and cyber-etiquette are indispensable in today’s digital world.”

Michele Borba, Ed.D. Author of Unselfie: The Surprising Role of Empathy in Preparing Children for Happiness and Success.

“Public shaming is sweeping our world. Sue Scheff knows digital shaming better than anyone. A leading expert in the digital world, Scheff offers the latest insight as to why people publicly shame each other and will equip readers with the tools to protect themselves from what has now become the new Scarlet Letter. SHAME NATION is a must read for anyone who is online!”

Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO, STOMP Out Bullying

Ross Ellis

Theresa Payton

” Bravo Sue Scheff for rising above the negativity directed at you on the internet to create a book that everyone needs to read so they can avoid being the next victim.  Engaging, sharp, and important – SHAME NATION will inspire you to open your eyes and be better in society’s growing cyber culture.”  

Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions and Deputy Director of Intelligence on CBS’ Hunted