Surviving the Incivility of Online Trolls

Anyone is capable of troll behavior, according to recent research from Stanford University and Cornell University. Wake-up on the wrong of bed, having a bad day or simply become irate over an online discussion and your fingers may go flying before your brain kicks in... read more

Fat Shaming: Men Are Victims Too

Typically when we hear of body shaming or fat shaming we think of women or young girls. Rarely do we see or hear about men being targets of harassment for their size. Body shaming has no boundaries. From babies to kids to teachers to parents and most of all —... read more

The Rise of Shame Nation In the Marines

Online abuse, harassment, stalking, revenge porn and hate is not only becoming the new norm, we are now watching it seep into places where we expect better from people – The U.S. Military (Marines). In 2013 I wrote about Adult Bullying: Harassment By People You... read more

Could You Be A Troll?

In today’s online climate, we are witnessing friends unfollowing or actually unfriending each other, while people are boldly insulting each other with their offensive opinions, thoughts and comments.   Research from Stanford and Cornell University suggests that... read more

Age Restrictions and Privacy Policies

Both age restrictions and privacy policies are put in place for our protection and the protection of the young. The issue: • A PEW Research poll  found that half of Americans who spend time online don’t know what a privacy policy is. • Parents are allowing tweens to... read more