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NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: 8/15/17 with Melissa Schorr on Naming and Shaming

SHAME NATION makes their first national debut in CNN on 6/1/16: Gorilla Tradegy: Why are we so quick to blame the parents? by Kelly Wallace, CNN


Would Trump’s tweet’s get him suspended if he were in school today? 7/1/17 by Kelly Wallace, Fox13


Why Was Otto Warmbier, a Victim of a Brutal Regime, Subjected to Social Media Shaming? 6/30/17 by Stephanie Cohen, Acculturated


Alleged Bully Charged with Teen’s Suicide 2/17/17 by Danielle DeCourcey,


5 Examples of Adult Bullying and What To Do About It  10/27/16 by Emily Zak,


The Internet’s Shameful Role in Propagating Body Shaming  9/21/17 by Quinten Plummer, Tech News World


What to Tell Kids When Adults Behave Terribly Only 8/22/17 by Diana Graber, Huffington Post


‘SNL’ star Leslie Jones personal site offline after hacking 8/25/17 by Derrick Lang


Articles by Sue Scheff on Shaming & Digital Drama