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Sue Scheff and Melissa Schorr on The Today Show with Kathi Lee & Hoda – 12/7/18

Sue Scheff on CBS This Morning with Gayle King – 2/19/18:


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WGBH Greater Boston: Battling Cyberbullying with Melissa Schorr and Jen Royle 10/12/17

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: 8/15/17 with Melissa Schorr on Naming and Shaming 

Dr. Oz recommends Shame Nation book to combat cyberbullying and offers it to the entire audience.

What are you trying to prove?: Parenting experts weigh-in on dad’s bullying punishment: 12/9/18 by Kaelyn Forde, ABC News

Best Parenting Books 2018: 11/4/18 by Carmen Jacob, UpJourney

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Book Recommendation: Your Teen Parents: 4/23/18

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Crisis Prevention Institute Podcast: The New Normal, Online Shaming: 12/13/17 with Terry Vittone and Sue Scheff

Social Media Shaming is Good (in Moderation): 12/4/17 by Kara Alaimo, Bloomberg

Monica Lewinsky – a person, not a scandal: 12/4/17 Orlando Sentinel

Mom Shaming Is Always a Problem: 11/22/17 by Melissa Fenton, Scary Mommy

How we should really celebrate National Unfriend Day: 11/17/17 by Kara Alaimo, CNN

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9 New Must-Read Parenting Books: 10/27/17 Make It Better by Shannan Younger

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Protect Your Online Reputation from Attacks and Scams: 10/25/17 The Big Impact Podcast with Sue Scheff

Protect Your Online Reputation: 10/24/17 The Big Impact Podcast with Bill Hobson Sue Scheff

8 Ways Shaming Is Toxic to Moms and Kids: 10/18/17 by Dr. Michele Borba

How to Talk to Kids about Preventing and Overcoming Online Shaming: 10/17/17 Dr. Robyn Silverman with Sue Scheff

Shame Nation: Choose To Be Part of the Solution: 10/16/17 Pediatric Safety

Helping Kids Navigate A Virtual World Where Cyberbullying is Common: 10/13/17 USNews by Katie Hurley

Mitch Jackson Podcast: 10/11/17 with Sue Scheff

Monica Lewinsky Debuts Her New Cyberbullying Video: 10/9/17 People Magazine

Teens Charged with Cyberbullying: 10/6/17 Sue Scheff on NBC with Liz McLaughlin

A Cautionary Tale About High School Sexting: 10/6/17 Boston Globe Magazine

Avoiding Your 15 Minutes of Fame: 10/6/17 Boston Globe Magazine

Executive’s disastrous Facebook post on Vegas shooting: 10/3/16 Kara Alaimo, CNN

16 of The Best NonFiction Books Coming in October 2017: 10/1/17 Bustle

Parenting In the Age of Online Shaming: 9/28/17 Sue Scheff, Washington Post

Study: Tech Miscommunication May Erode Employee Engagement: 9/25/17 Aliah Wright, SHRM

How Sexy Is Too Sexy for Moms on Social Media? 9/20/17 by Randi Mazzelli, Parent Map

SHAME NATION makes their first national debut in CNN on 6/1/16: Gorilla Tradegy: Why are we so quick to blame the parents? by Kelly Wallace, CNN

Would Trump’s tweet’s get him suspended if he were in school today? 7/1/17 by Kelly Wallace, Fox13

Why Was Otto Warmbier, a Victim of a Brutal Regime, Subjected to Social Media Shaming? 6/30/17 by Stephanie Cohen, Acculturated

Alleged Bully Charged with Teen’s Suicide 2/17/17 by Danielle DeCourcey,

5 Examples of Adult Bullying and What To Do About It  10/27/16 by Emily Zak,

The Internet’s Shameful Role in Propagating Body Shaming  9/21/16 by Quinten Plummer, Tech News World

What to Tell Kids When Adults Behave Terribly Only 8/22/16 by Diana Graber, Huffington Post

‘SNL’ star Leslie Jones personal site offline after hacking 8/25/16 by Derrick Lang

Having High School BFFs Lowers Depression, Anxiety in High School 8/22/17 by Amy Capetta, Yahoo

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