Press Release

Shame Nation: Forthcoming Book Examines the Effects of Cyberbullying
Victim-Turned-Advocate Outlines How to Protect Yourself from Online Attacks and Shares How to Reclaim Your Life after Digital Disaster

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 40% of Americans say they have been victims of online harassment—and as many as 70% of teens report being harassed online.

Sue Scheff knows firsthand how devastating cyber-shaming can be.

In her forthcoming book, Shame Nation: Preventing, Surviving, and Overcoming Digital Disaster (ISBN: 9781492648994; OCTOBER 2017; $15.99 U.S.; Self-Help/Internet; Trade Paper), Scheff with Melissa Schorr examine the growing phenomenon of cyber-shaming and how it affects those who are targeted. They also detail how we can protect ourselves online and give victims advice on how to reclaim their online reputations.

After a spiteful client decided to go after her and the Florida-based organization she created to help parents of troubled teens, Scheff found herself on the receiving end of a brutal online smear campaign where she was called a crook, a con artist, and, worst of all, a child abuser.

A 40-year-old single mom at the time, Scheff was on the verge of financial ruin when she decided to fight back. In 2006, she won a landmark $11.3million judgment for Internet defamation and invasion of privacy that made international headlines.

Drawing on personal experience and the expertise of more than a dozen top experts spanning fields including legal, public relations, crisis management, psychology, cyberbullying, and online reputation management, Shame Nation will address:

  • The alarming rise in frequency and severity of online attacks
  • The psychology behind mob mentality, anonymous attacks, shaming, and more
  • The meager protections our current legal system offers for victims to fight back
  • How to avoid the online blunders that put you at risk
  • How to protect yourself from online attacks
  • How to handle a cyber disaster, should one occur
  • The professional, psychological, and technical challenges of recovering from an attack

Shame Nation will also detail specific proposals to end the vicious cycle, including advocating for cyberbullying laws and ramping up enforcement, pressuring tech companies to improve community standards, and emphasizing digital citizenship for people of all ages.