AT&T takes the infinite magic of connectivity seriously. While a tap or swipe can instantly deliver a “like” from your crush or BFF, it can also serve up unexpected hate.

AT&T is more than a communications company, they also care about people that are using their devices. In their latest campaign, #LaterHaters they provide outreach for those that might be struggling, maybe they are different, maybe they are sad — or feel alone. The fact is no one deserves digital cruelty or any type of bullying.

As someone that has long been a supporter of their #ItCanWait campaign, that is saving lives daily, #LaterHaters is in line with Shame Nation. We want to provide a civil platform for everyone. No one should have to deal with any type of slurs or insults. We all need to learn to become upstanders – like when we know our friend or relative drives distracted, we must say something. When we witness online cruelty, it’s up to us to reach out and be there for the person that is hurting. Even if you private message them and let them know you are in their corner.

It’s time to take our Shame Nation to a sane nation. You can be part of this movement with AT&T.

It’s time to @ConnectToGood and say #LaterHaters!