On October 9th, 2017, Monica Lewinsky debuted the most amazing PSA, In Real Life, a social experiment that puts people to the test — of how they treat others in reality verses online.


The results were struck a cord with people across the globe.


Monica shared in People Magazine, “I wanted to creatively demonstrate the difference between our online and offline behavior in a thought-provoking way.” This she definitely did as you will watch below.

“We hired actors to reenact hateful cyberbullying posts that had been made on social media. We took those actors into public spaces. They engaged in these conversations almost as an improv, using the language which we had found online. And the footage captures people who had no idea that they were actors, then stepping in and standing up for people,” she continued in People.


Monica Lewinsky also wrote a brilliant foreword for Shame Nation.


In Real Life is part of her campaign for #BeStrong emoji’s and #Clickwithcompassion.

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