LouisePhoneWhy is it that we have to wait to read headlines or statistics before we open up dialogue about uncomfortable topics such as sex, online harassment and cyberbullying?


We are living in a society that people will quickly jump to their keyboard to judge others without hearing the full story. Without thinking that their is a living, breathing person on the other side of the screen — without realizing they are harming someone without even getting to really know who they are — without even caring.


Take a moment to  visit one father’s message to help prevent cyberbullying after his daughter took her life. Visit https://www.thiswaslouisesphone.com/ and most importantly, share it with a friend.


The #NoHateNetwork is one everyone needs to take part in – no matter who you are or what how old you are — if you have a keypad, you must use it responsibly.


  • If you see someone being bullied, you speak to someone you trust to put a stop to it.
  • You refuse to write or share hurtful messages online or via your phone.
  • You respect others online just as you would in real life.


Together we can develop a network free of hate and violence. #NoHateNetwork