Parent Shaming


We’re in the middle one of the most horrific crimes against young girls — as we witnessed over 150 women and girls come forward, some with their parents, to bravely share their experiences of a monster, Larry Nassar.


As many of us have compassion for these young people, there are those that are quick to point fingers at the parents — especially the moms. Where were they? Why didn’t they know? How could they let that happen?

Seriously? As if these parents would knowingly let it happen. Of course we have heard of some parents that would do anything to create a “star” athlete, but it was quit obvious this was not the case.

I was a gym mom. My daughter started in acrobatics at 6 years old and quickly moved to gymnastics by 7 and was competing by 9 years old. Her coaches called her a natural. By age 13 she was already in optionals training towards her goal of the Olympic’s – like most of these young girls.

It was at 14 years old she had her accident. Yes, gym doctors were there. Not Larry Nassar (thankfully) – but doctors when I wasn’t around. She had broken her foot in five different spots while training and this actually took her out of her lifelong dream. She continued seeing the doctors – and others. Recovery was long. I would have never (ever) imagined the unimaginable.

With the voices of all these women and girls, I suddenly realized, it could have been my daughter too.  How would I feel if I was the target of these malicious cyber-bullets – haven’t these parents been through enough?

As Melissa Fenton eloquently wrote when the tragedy hit Disney as a toddler lost his life to a alligator, “Put down your pitchforks” — unless you are a perfect parent, never believe that bad things can’t happen to good people. Accidents happen, terrible things happen — no one is immune. To add salt to their already bleeding wounds is nothing short of inhumane.

There are all sorts of online shaming, but when we start throwing insults at each other for things that are out of our control, be careful of what can come back to you. There really is no such thing as perfect parenting.

Now that the monster is behind bars for eternity, let’s not destroy the message of helping these women and girls coming forward by shaming their parents or anyone else. There is a enough ugliness to last a lifetime – and it’s time we reach-out with compassion and kindness in this age of cruelty.


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