ParentShamingBy now most of the country has heard about the tragic incident at the Cincinnati Zoo.


A 17 year-old gorilla Harambe was shot and killed by zoo personal after a 3 year-old boy crawled into his environment.


It’s a tragic accident, but thankfully the toddler is okay. Sadly the gorilla is dead. Animal activist are angry and social media is on fire.


But it’s more than about the death of a gorilla — it’s about insulting, judging and humiliating a mother who is already probably feeling a million pounds of guilt on her shoulders.


It’s parent shaming — in full-force!


Can you imagine if we had to live our parenting years under the microscope of social media? Have you never had your ooppps moments of parenthood? Maybe not to this extent, but I’m confident there is not one perfect parent reading this post.


Today we live in a society that every living and breathing moment could potentially be videotaped and uploaded online. Remember #PlaneBreakUp? Do you believe that couple thought their most private moment was being recorded?


Before you use your keystrokes to shame or insult someone — pause and think about yourself. Are you so perfect?


It’s time we start bringing empathy back into our culture. With empathy it’s almost impossible to be cruel to each.