Anna-SacconeEveryone has a limit to how much online trash they can take and Anna Saccone  had enough. Anna started her YouTube Channel, The Style Diet, in 2008 and has over one million subscribers!


She recently sent a strong message to her fans and viewers about why she decided to leave YouTube after years of tolerating the hate and shaming messages in the comments. She said she recognizes it’s her choice to put herself out there and not everyone is going to like her. Anna accepts that people will criticize her or make negative remarks,however when you are going through something big or dramatic in real life, like she did with a miscarriage, this negativity can seem hundred times worse. In her video she also revealed more about her personal life (the fact she suffered with bulimia) — and why she struggled with these comments, and more importantly, why she is so determined to help others in her positive messaging on body image.


“Even with comments on approval, it didn’t really help, I still had to see everything…..”

“Every time I would open up  my Instagram pictures I would get body and fat shaming messages….it got to me because of the mental state I was in already….”


Anna explained she’s not sharing her story about her eating disorder now for sympathy, since most of us know, trolls are the last ones to ever hand out tissues. It’s about opening the dialogue for others that have similar issues and are afraid to discuss them. Anna wants to help break down the wall of shame that surrounds eating disorders.


“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” Anna said of bulimia. “It will ruin your life, and it will steal your life from you.”



Anna lists helpful links for those struggling with eating disorders:



Thank you Anna, for being a voice for so many people that are quietly struggling. Sadly we live in a time where it’s the rise of SHAME NATION and with role models like yourself, we are heading in the right direction. It’s about educating people – not exploiting them.


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