We never want to believe that bad things can happen to us, but what happens when they do?


Rich Matta, CEO of ReputationDefender has a great quote in Shame Nation, “Most people think that an online attack would never happen to them—or they underestimate just how severe it can be.”


I would venture to say that everyone that sends a sensitive email or believes that there is such a thing as safe sexting, probably doesn’t actually believe hackers can hack.

Hacking sometimes isn’t always about stealing your bank account numbers or identity, it can be about humiliation – like with the Ashley Madison case or Jennifer Lawrence.

This past week St. Lucie County School District’s Twitter account was hacked leading to a string of racists and distrusting tweets.

A portion of what was posted:


“After Heavy Consideration, Our District Has Decided To Ban All African Americans From Our School District. Thank you!”


Florida’s school responded immediately to when they realized this breach:



This can happen to anyone. Be sure your passwords are changed frequently. Don’t share them (except kids with their parents). Most importantly, keep in mind, what goes online has the distinct possibly of becoming public. Check your privacy settings regularly – and remember, you can’t always rely on them – you must use common sense too.


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