It’s almost here, October 3rd, 2017, when SHAME NATION will be launched for sale to the public.


This has been a labor of love, but not without much heartache with struggles of online harassment, abuse, defamation and times when I thought I would never get back up. However it was the encouragement of friends, the power of social media (yes, the very tool that can take you down) and influences of really great people that not only tell you that you can rise above an online shaming, but you can push through it and survive better than you ever before.

After I wrote Google Bomb, I was inundated with so much mail, I knew it wasn’t the end – it was only the beginning of the conversation of this ongoing topic of online abuse.


Today, in a climate that is sadly filled with so much digital hate, we must insist on taking control of the cyber-space that we live in — by being part of a virtual community of kindness and empathy towards each other to turn this culture of cruelty around.


Join me by pre-ordering SHAME NATION. You will learn not only learn from those have made cyber-blunders, you will hear from experts in fields of psychology, law, crisis management, public relations and online reputation. With dozens of first-hand interviews from both experts and contributors, you will find this book is priceless when navigating today’s cyber-world. I want to give them all a shout-out – they gave their time and support to SHAME NATION which truly separates my book from any other!


  • Tips to prevent online shaming
  • Ways to respond to online haters
  • Tips to maintaining your online reputation
  • Steps to controlling a digital disaster
  • Steps to overcoming cyber-humiliation and online shaming
  • and much more!


In 2015 I watched the most amazing TED Talk, the Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky. I was nodding my head the entire time (and tearing up) – thinking, this woman gets it – finally, someone is sharing my emotions (however her story was one-million times magnified) and I knew no one in the world is making a bigger impact on victims of this global epidemic, than Monica. At that moment, as I was drafting my manuscript for SHAME NATION, I knew I wanted her to write my foreword.


Here we are, with someone I admire tremendously, someone that was a turning point for me — as a survivor of this “club”  that you never asked to be in (the world of online-shaming), that has become an inspiration to everyone that has joined by default.


Thank you Monica — your generosity and support for those that are hurting, with your words of wisdom, encouragement — genuinely filled with compassion, will not only help those that are being harmed – it will ask the online bully (person) to pause and think twice, because we all can do better.

Let’s begin.