Religion and politics: Topics that should be avoided however in today’s climate of online hate, it’s almost impossible.


NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, featured co-author of Shame Nation, Melissa Schorr, in their segment, Naming and Shaming. The reality is, your offline behavior has very real consequences when it hits online social media platforms.



Actor Chris Pratt, after being a victim of body shaming this past winter, recently announced that he and his wife were separating.


According to Faithwire, Christians, the very people that Pratt turned to for prayers and support, were slamming (shaming) him — specifically after he spoke at the Teen Choice Awards about his faith.


Is this Christian-like behavior?


During the darkest times of any of our lives, is when many people turn to their faith. Whether that’s right or wrong, it’s how some people are — and when they read how Chris Pratt’s own faith is treating him, it validates how there is zero tolerance for real-life. The fact is, none of us are perfect. Christians – of all people should understand that and have compassion and empathy for both Chris and his family. Be supportive and respectful to them during their times of difficulty.


What happened to judge not, lest ye you be judged? 


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