It may read like a satire, but it’s no laughing matter if you’re the target of social media cyber-warfare, such as a tweetstorm.

Ann Coulter, who can be controversial, set fire (virtually) to Delta Airlines over the weekend for moving her from what she said was her pre-booked, paid-for seat with extra room to another, more cramped seat.

She was obviously mad, and honestly, I would be too.

As I discuss in Shame Nation, we live in a society where we are quick to use our devices to judge, post, send without thinking of the consequences. An excellent interview with Kelly Keegan in my forthcoming book, shares her thoughts when she created #PlaneBreakUp, which was yet another tweetstorm.

From Delta Airlines to Ann Coulter to even the leader of the land, people today are becoming flippant when it comes to being responsible and respectful online (and offline) in some cases.

Civility is at an all time low in our country — 69% of Americans blame the Internet and social media. This rant is only one of many that happen regularly.

Was Ann Coulter right? Is Delta Airlines tweeting hitting back correct? Do two wrongs ever make it right?

Sometimes social media shaming is all we have, whether it was the case of Brock Turner or the EpiPen, however watching two grown adults attack each other continuously, especially a corporation that should look to resolve this swiftly, is extremely disappointing.

Are you angry with someone – possibly publicly? Take the time to cool off and think about the consequences of it going viral. Also keep in mind, to respect your manners in public. You never know when someone is trying to get their fifteen minutes of time online.